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Mu Origin Battle

Version 7.0 - 7+
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Mu Origin game is made for smartphones, but can be played on PC as well, with emulator.

How to Play?

1. To play game on Android download THIS .apk file!

2. To play on PC you need emulator, most popular are: BLUESTACKS and BIGNOX Install one of them and download THIS .apk file!

Abount the Game?

MU Origin Battle is a real time MMORPG based on Mu Online game mechanics, classes and maps. Game can be downloaded from our website APK file format (android file) and installed straight to the phone! After downloading 97MB APK file, game updates to arround 600mb size and installation/download can take to 10minutes!

You start game with choosing race you play, Dark Wizard, Dark Knigt, Elf, Magic Gladiator (Energy or Strenght) and newest class Summoner! After choosing your character name you login in game and start the adventure!

Automatic question system is realy helpfull for begginers, to get know the game and to get game mechanics knowledge.


Automatic question and moving can be a litle bit borring at start, but real mu origin experience starts after few rebirths...

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Game features

Weekly festival event!

New Rebirth System

VIP till +15

New Custom Wings

New Fashion sets

New Accessory itemsli>

New PET and Fashion

Mounts system and Mount Fashion: Fire Dragon, Elf Bird, Jellyfish, Platypus

The Savior system

Set tier 14 and 15

Free Tier 6 Set and Weapon at start

Free Mount Chest at start

Free Title at start

Free Wings at start

Free Costume at start

Free Diamonds drop from monsters

Game can be played on Android smartphones or on PC as well. To play on PC we recomend use BIGNOX emulator, you can download it HERE. Install and it, open page in NOX browser and download the game!

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